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November 4, 2007
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FanCharacter: Jaxulinn by arafel FanCharacter: Jaxulinn by arafel


Not really? I hope. XD

So... there's this lovely club: :iconorg-infinity: that I noticed via one of the people I'm watching... and I got started on it by trying to come up with a name. Basically anagraming "Juliann" and adding X to see what I come up with. Wasn't easy~

So then it kept going until it was a real character. XD

So just one thing I want to comment on: Her personality... It's something I've been dying to do, because I never see it done. XD You see all these "shy girls" with secret inner rage or something, but never perverted. Well you rarely see truely perverted women anyways. XD So vwala.

I think I'll add more when/if it gets accepted. *nodnod*

Doodled at school... finished it inbetween working on commissions and stuff...


Name: Jaxulinn - CXXXI: The Contradictory Geneticist
Age: Around 20
Looks: Has a really young figure, A-cup chest, a bit of "babyfat" cheeks, and wider eyes; All around giving her the look of a 12-14 year old.
Hair: Dirty blond "Reverse mullet" (Long in the front, short in the back) with the front pommed with two beads each. (The beads will change in different worlds.)
Eyes: Gray (actually an off shade of blue) with more blueish specks closer to the pupil -- this does happen in actual eyes)
Skin: Average/tan
Other features: A few freckles.
Height: 5'4"
World: Yzma's Lab (Emperor's new groove)
Personality: Her nature is to be shy, timid, and soft spoken. A generally "in the background" sort of character, she's prone to blushing easily at comments, and falling short of words.
Despite this, underneath it all she has a perverse streak, one of which she generally keeps to herself unless a prime chance permits; this would generally be one on one, where there's a moment to make an immature joke.
Furthermore, even with a soft spoken sort of submissive nature, she has a love of chaos and general trouble. She's even a bit selfish, and due to her powers she likes to keep as many people "on her side" as she can, using them as meat-shields. This doesn't mean she doesn't actually like them, she does the same with her rats, its just her defense is "Don't get hit. Ever." and she does whatever necessary to keep that.
In the end, with her heart taken, most of her sense of guilt went with it.
Off the clock hobbies: Spends an awful lot of time with her lab rats, (she has backups) making them little mazes and feeding them. Others include watching cartoons, "reading the articles" of magazines, and daydreaming.

Element: Genetics
Weapon: A white lab rat
Used: Requires concentration and hand-contact to initiate the transformation of her labrat "weapon." Directly mutating the genes by practiced sets into one of her three favored means. (Land, Water, or Air)
Technically there could be more, but the current ones are good enough and anymore would require far too much work.
Furthermore, it'd stand to reason she'd be able to manipulate her own genetics, and others, but there's far too much risk in manipulating her own (Mess up the wrong one and you're dead XD) and with others she'd have to first know their genetics to be able to manipulate them. (Lots of time.)
Thus the most reasonable and practical use of her element is via the little lab rat, which is easily replaceable. Though that's the last thing she wants, as she's grown fond of each of them.
Weak points: Without her labrat, she's highly vulnerable, and really has no other means of attack further than a kick or a punch. She keeps herself behind her activated "body guard", but even that can have flaws with the moment of time and focus it takes to change it successfully. Again, this is why she tries her best to keep as many others as possible "on her side."

The Somebody

((Note: Subject to editing as I start getting used to her character more. :3 ))
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pyrocupcakehugs Featured By Owner May 22, 2012   Traditional Artist
Greed-kun Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
She is SOOO Adorable (and I love that she's watching porn in that thought bubble)
oofuchibioo Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Student Digital Artist

lol, she's so cute! and her personality seems... pleasant... *reflects back on the meat-shields part*
arafel Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got lucky, it was one of the first things that popped into my head~ xD and i got it too! <3 *shohappy* and yes... quite pleasant << >>
oofuchibioo Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Student Digital Artist
It'd suck to accidentally use your BFF as a human shield.
Beatlesluver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
oh, sorry to bother again. i just looked at the rules for org infinity and it turns out any new oc can have no relation at all to any old entries. back to the drawing board lol :D what the heck, i like this, im gonna fav it :heart:
Beatlesluver Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
oh crap! :) no not the pic, its really good, i like it lots. its just, i JUST finished my OC for org. infinity and her element is genetics too! sorry. i PROMISE i did not copy ur idea, just a weirdo coincidence. i would have submitted it already, but my scanners busted for the moment. :D
Pitafish Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2008
Xiren (pops out of nowhere and gives you a slip of paper): Would you be interested in coming to my nightwear soirée aka pajama party?

(I'm basically doing a deviation featuring some special people I think are cool, like Anxis, Sirix, Xiara, and Ayanx. Would you like to be in it?)
SheStang Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2008
Aw she's cute xD I like her little mouse thing
Do you Role Play?
I'd love to have you on my board <3
Cannibal-Pie-Chan Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mary Sues are too "innocent" for porn.

Love her so much x3 she makes me lol... somehow. Sorry it took forever to fav and comment on this, I faved the one at org-infinity by mistake. ;;; It's all fixed now though c: Oh there I go again. Rambling on about things you don't necessarily need to know.
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